There was a little Chronicles of Narnia when I moved

Jan 3, 2013
Moving is one of those times you go through all of your random stuff that you have collected over the years and do a little purging, organizing and even a little rediscovering.

You might find your favorite toy from your childhood or a favorite game...

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"Mall Madness it's Mall Madness!"  Remember that song? The batteries corroded and exploded so mine no longer works.  It was a sad day.
Then there are the random things one {that'd be me} might own...
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I bought this sweet trunk at a friend's store Pleasantries.  She finds some awesome pieces. Any who.

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This is now my kitchen.  All these tin signs are mine, and this is probably only half.  I bought a majority of the these at a Dick's 5 and dime. 

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This little beaut is about a foot and a half tall and reminds me of that cute little lamp that comes out for the Pixar logo. Bouncing into our hearts. So cute.


Now you might be thinking "I wish I was this cool."  I know.  It just comes natural being so awesome.

Ok you probably weren't thinking that, but maybe you were thinking "I thought she said something about Chronicles of Narnia?"

I did indeed. 

The moment you have been waiting for....
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It's the lamp in the wardrobe!!!  How awesome is that!  It's my favorite random thing. 

Those are the most random things I own.  At least random to me. 

Do you have random things?


  1. Yup! That's pretty random! But it's what makes you adorable! ;)

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