Random Saturday thoughts

Oct 13, 2012
I've been rather random of late and it is time you were forced joined the fun.

When I least expect it.....

This is what happens when a first grader challenges you....and someone is there with a camera...and puts it on Facebook.

Don't be jealous.  {Is it healthy to laugh that hard?}

If you can't do this, you can blame your mom.  No really, it's a heredity thing.  For the record my mom can still do this.  She showed me yesterday.  :)  Maybe not the cross-eyed part, but the tongue on nose thing yes. 

This game has recently made a reappearance in my life.  I played this in middle school all.the.time.

It's not a super popular game, and is hard to find in game stores.  It is really fun and worth hunting down to the ends of the earth! 
{Dramatic much} 
 Or you can buy it on Amazon.

You have a pile that you need to get rid of faster than anyone else.  And you do so building piles in the middle going 1 to 10.  But everyone is adding to those piles so it gets crazy. :)
 Someone compared it to Nertz? I've never played Nertz so I have no idea.  I do know that I'm kinda awesome. 

Last week I went to a preseason hockey game with my dad.  You know, the guy that told me lies as a child.
We could sit anywhere in the arena.  Guess where I picked. 

Right behind the bench.  *sigh*  Tonight is the opening game.  Yeah!  Let's get a win Walleye!!!

Last random thought for the day....

I'm trying to brush up on some Spanish.  I bought this fun book to help me out...
They break Spanish words into English words so you know how to pronounce it correctly.  
So con gusto becomes Cone Goose Toe. 
Lol.  Hey, it works!

Oh wait I forgot one! 

Have you heard Adele's new song for the James Bond movie Skyfall?  In typical Adele fashion...it's awesome!

Very important question....Can you touch your nose with your tongue?  

Be cool *uhem* like me and post it on Facebook.  Tag Men, Money and Me 
Even if you can't quite reach I want to see you try.  

You know you are trying anyway.


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