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Oct 9, 2012
People showed me I found some more videos on YouTube that you NEED to see. 

I don't just pass on any video that crosses my path.  I only send the really good ones your way.

First up.....

I'm not an Ohio State fan, but this. is. amazing!  You need to be at least a little bit of a video game person to fully appreciate this, but if you know anything about Mario Bros., Tetris, PacMan, or Halo you'll enjoy it.  

Ok, I take that back....

Even if you don't know much about those video games you'll enjoy the choreography.  

Seriously. Amazing.

Next on the docket...

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  You've read Pride and Prejudice.  You've seen the A&E version with the amazing Colin Firth.  You've seen the newest rendition with Kiera Knightly.  You may have even gone as far as watched the Bollywood version called Bride and Prejudice.

**Bride and Prejudice tangent**  If you haven't, you need to put that on your need to watch list.  Hilarious.I might have convinced my sister I was going to do the "Cobra Dance" at her wedding.
Now there is the story in vlog format.
I'm kinda in love. 

I apologize now for getting this song stuck in your head....

He's sooooo cute!  Waddle Waddle.  Got any grapes.  I love how angry the Lemonade Stand guy got.  

Was it at least a little funny.  You laughed, right?

It gets a win because it is Doctor Who.  It is also a win because there is more fake David Tennants than fake Matt Smiths.  (Sorry, Matt, I just love David Tennant.)
It's cute, but I'm pretty sure the Ohio grrls could make a better one. 

There you have it, for your Tuesday viewing pleasure, some slightly funny and very cool videos.


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