I sorta kinda feel like an art critic

Apr 22, 2012
I don't think critic is the right word. Art connoisseur maybe? Ooo that sounds fancy.

Here is my little story of how this came to be.  Friday night I went with a girlfriend to The Toledo Museum of Art.  It is a magical place that I don't get to frequent quite enough.  On Friday nights they stay open late and have special programs that could include anything from live music to demonstrations or special tours. 

Friday we joined the "Making an Impression" tour.  I was expecting a nice guide to walk us around to a few impressionist era pieces and give us the history/back story of the piece.  Instead we had a nice guide walk us to three different paintings and facilitate an art discussion.  We talked about the lighting, the brushstrokes, shadows, color choices, what stood out, what minor details were often missed and on and on and on. 

Watch out I'm about to show you how dorky I am....

I LOVED IT!!!!!  

Hearing the thoughts of other art lovers about what they got from the painting and the impression (get it?...lol) it made was enlightening and enjoyable. 

And I'm pretty sure I am now an art connoisseur...or critic.  
Still working on that one. 

But the mini-adventure didn't end there.
Oh no....we went to the recently redone Ancient Mediterranean exhibit.  In which they re-arranged the pieces to flow better and...wait for it...they added some hands on activities!! 
I've kind of always wanted to be an archeologist, so the ancient Mediterranean exhibit has always been one of my favorites and now with the fun activities....double score!!!

What could this possibly be? 
Ta-Dah!!!  An ancient bowl!

Sorry, it's a little blurry.  At this station you could "paint" your own Greek pottery. 
Ready to be amazed by our talent?
I am the proud artist of the first two, my friend composed the last one...
and this one....
It's a horse (in case you couldn't tell....I mean an ancient horse).
 Followed by my mosaic creation inspired by the ancient horse drawing.

We had a blast! Yeah for mini adventures!  And it was completely free!!!!   Tuesday I have another mini-adventure planned, so be on the lookout Wednesday morning for the scoop. :)


  1. Stacey said...:

    Ooo! Ahhhh! You are so art critical!

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