First my shovel and now my umbrella

Nov 29, 2011
Today you get to hear a sad, sad story from my youth.  I remember like it was yesterday, picture it, I was  8 years old and just had an amazing day at a friend's birthday party.  So much fun, and I even was going home with  prize.  A beautiful bucket and shovel to play with in the sand.  It was perfect.  I loved my shovel and bucket.  My dad came with my younger sister (who's a mom now, just in case you missed that) to pick me up.

If there was dramatic music to let you know something bad was about to happen, it would be playing right now.

There we were driving home, the windows down, the sun shining.  My sister wanted to see my shovel.  And by see I mean play with and adore.  Of course I didn't want to part with my shovel, but being a good sister I gave it to her.  She has always been the curious type, that day was no different.  She got the brilliant idea to stick the shovel out the window and let the wind push it.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  You guessed it.  The shovel flew out of her hands and out onto the street.  I start crying and frantically telling my dad to turn around because my shovel was out there.  He didn't understand what in the world I was trying to tell him through my tears.  So that day I ended up with a bucket with no shovel.  I was traumatized. 

My family has had to hear the retelling of this story so many times.
So many times that they have bought me

 many a shovel and bucket to replace the ones from that fateful day. 

The other day is was rainy and windy and gross. My sister was leaving the house with a basket of laundry and me being a nice sister said,
"Hey, I got a new free umbrella. I will protect you and your clean laundry from the wind and rain."
"No" she replies "I'll be fine."
"I insist. It is huge and will cover us both."

Out into the elements we go.  Open the umbrella take two steps outside and whoosh!  Inside out it goes. "Noooooo!" I bust out laughing.  We get back inside and I put on my best sad face and show my parents my poor sad umbrella.

"Oh no" my dad says, "this isn't going to be like the shovel is it?" 



  1. Stacey said...:

    This is awesomeness wrapped up in awesomeness. LOVE this story.

  1. Jackie said...:

    For the record she is a great sister to let me play with the shovel and also let the record show the umbrella thing was not my fault. I told her to stay inside.

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