Why Can't We be Friends???

Jul 9, 2013
Are you singing the song?  I sure am.

I love making new friends.  I like to think that making new friends is an easy task for me {after all I am a sanguine}.

But for the life of me I have the worst time trying to have more guy friends.  I'm pretty sure the amount I currently have would be around 10 and most of them are married.  The last couple nights my roomie (hi roomie) and I have had some discussions about this revelation. This isn't the first time this subject has come up here.

Where are all the guys at?

Youuuuwhoooo.....hello....males, where are you??????

(pretend I said that all southern and adorable like, thanks)

And why is it, if a guy somehow stumbles into my circle, keeping him in the circle and being friends is more difficult than climbing Mt. Everest.  {Not that I would have any idea how difficult that would actually be.}

One of my few male friends had this to say about the subject....

It's impossible for single guys and single girls to be friends. 

WHAT!!!  Not cool Robert Frost.
(P.S. If you haven't seen Kid President's video, you need to.  That is my favorite line.)

His argument is that guys only want to be friends with girls because they like them, and once they get into the "only friends" category they pretty much disappear.

I said he was wrong.  But that was at least a year or so ago, and there might be more truth to that argument than I care to admit. After going out with my "Bold moment" fellow a couple times, I haven't heard from him once. Sure I don't think I want to date him, but I wouldn't mind hanging out with him and getting to know him more.  He is a nice guy.  But nothing.  So was he an instance that he wasn't in to me either and decided he didn't need another friend?  Quite possible.

Please tell me I'm not the only one.  Were are the guys by you? Do you have lots of guy friends?


  1. Pastor Josh said...:

    Love the name of today's post!

  1. Read Dr. Dobson's book on boys... something about them having brain damage rings a bell.

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