I love Christmas except for...

Dec 5, 2012
I like Christmas.  I really do.  I have been listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving, I've started the yearly movie list, but there are some things about the Christmas season that drive me a little crazy.

Like Home Alone

Sure it was cute when it first came out, when I was 5!!  That cleaver Kevin, who plays it cool when his parents leave without him and ends up having to defend his house against the burglars, using some very creative means. 

The first one isn't too bad.  I will forever associate "Rocking around the Christmas tree" with the "party" scene from that movie.

But how are there 4 of them?!  Really?  How many times can we see a kid get left alone and have to get rid of the very unintelligent bad people. 

I just don't get it.

I think I would be fine with Home Alone if there were just one or two.  In fact, I know I would.  Not 4.  And rumors of a 5th being shown during the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. 

I can't handle it.

I most definitely have certain songs that I can only handle about once or twice mainly 12 days of Christmas and Feliz Navidad.  

Anyone else?  Hmmm, ok just me.  That's fine, I'll deal with it.

Ok, that's out of my system.  Now a new love.

This is a newer movie, it was released last year and I saw it for the first time a couple days ago.  Arthur Christmas.

Oh goodness.  I laughed so hard! 

It is about the Claus family. Grandsanta, Santa, Mrs. Santa, Steve and Arthur.  Not everything is jolly with the Clause family, in fact they are quite dysfunctional.  Hilariously so.  Steve wants to be Santa, Santa doesn't want to retire, Grandsanta doesn't want his glory days to be over, and to top it off...a present is left in the North Pole!!!!  Gasp!

The cast of voices include top notch actors like Hugh Laurie, James McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Jim Broadbent, Joan Cusack, and many more!  A very cute story, with some fantastic one liners.  

This will be added to the yearly list for sure!!!

You need to go rent it...and then buy it.  Because it's that awesome.


  1. Must watch Arthur Christmas!

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