There's an App for that! 10 Apps I love!

Nov 5, 2012
I made the switch to a smart phone because I figured it would be good to have before I headed off to the semi-distant lands of Washington D.C and New York this summer. 

{totally practical reasons}

I'm officially spoiled and even thinking of going back to a "dumb" phone has me cringing.

Now, I am slowly *cough* catching the app fever.  

Must haves:

{Besides the obvious Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Pinterest.}

IMDB- I am now able to answer the age-old question, "Where have I seen that actor before?" Oh and let's not forget being able to watch the latest Hobbit or Iron Man 3 preview at a moment's notice. Free.

Netflix-No more pretending you are doing something fun on your phone while waiting for pizza.  No!  Now you can re-watch Glee or Doctor Who! Free app with subscription to Netflix.

Soundboards- This probably should be in the "Extra Lovin'" section below, but what is a phone without a fun ringtone?  Yep, definitely a must have I have soundboards for Star Wars, Hunger Games, and the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors from Doctor Who.  Yes, I'm a nerd.  My current notification ringtone is a R2D2 whistle and my incoming call ringtone is the 10th Doctor's theme music.  Free.

Smarty Pig- I can look up and manage my saving goals. I can see that this last quarter I got $.89 on my "Cruise" goal and $1.74 on my "Rainy Day" goal.  I don't get that kind of interest from the bank!  It is completely secure and safe.  I love Smarty Pig! Free.

Swagbucks- Earn Swagbucks when you need to do an Online search.  You then cash in your Swagbucks for gift cards or prizes.  Free.

Coupons- This app shows you the cheapest gas, and the area stores and restaurants that are offering coupons. Free.

Extra lovin':

Geocaching-  Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity alone or with a small group.  I seem to have some troubles getting accurate reads on cloudy days, but all in all a great app. $9.99, but worth every penny. 

Babbel- Learn or brush up on a foreign language.  There are lessons they offer for free, if you want more challenging lessons you have to pay for them.  They have this cool feature that helps you learn the correct  pronunciation, too!  You speak and it rates how well you say the word.

Bon'App- Allows you to quickly look up how many calories you are about to scarf down.  I say "McDonald's Chicken Sandwich" and it lists all 13 different chicken sandwiches they offer.  Super easy to use.  Free.

Knitting Row Counter- My latest is a simple counter to help keep track of your rows. (No I'm not 80! It's on my bucket list!) You can have multiple counters at one time.  Free.

What apps are you in love with? 


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