Notes from camp:

Jul 21, 2012
This past week I was at Kids Camp.  It was amazing!  Normally we have about 350ish 3-5th graders...this year we had about 400 3-5th graders and 65 1st -2nd graders.  I was with the little guys this year and boy did we have a blast!  

Some things you need to know from camp:
  • A walk that takes you 5 minutes = 10-15 minutes when you have a dozen campers with you.
  • Apparently I'm good at catching frogs that sneak into the lodge.
  • Little kid hugs are the best.
  • S'mores + little kids = giant mess
  • It is difficult smashing a spider with the bathroom garbage can.
  • "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" is a great group story.

  • Playing euchre when exhausted guarantees some hysterical moments.
  • Only at camp can you have 5 bars on your phone, take one step and have no signal at all.
  • Camp Grandmas are the best!
  • Need to spice up a game?  Just add water.


  1. Thank you so much for loving and taking care of the younger kids this past week...they seemed to always be smiling and I know Rylee loved it...she didn't want to come home :P

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