My unbirthday party

Jul 9, 2012
Why do you have that quizzical look?  You mean you don't celebrate your unbirthday?  Gasp!  Well you are missing out!!!  Knowing how much I love my birthday, are you really all that surprised I celebrate my unbirthday?

Disney so graciously explains to us what an unbirthday is in Alice in Wonderland. Don't freak out unbirthdays don't normally include singing animals that seem to be high on something.

Ingredients for an unbirthday:
  1. Cake or other yummy dessert
  2. A little present
  3. A fun activity
  4. A friend 

This is the third year that my cousin and I have celebrated one of our unbirthdays. 
Really its just an excuse to eat cake and do something special.  This year was no exception.  My cousin Ashley, who writes the blog  Happy. Pretty. Sweet., made little cupcakes drizzled in chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Then it was on to the festivities!  We exchanged little presents.  I am the new owner of 3 fabulous paperbacks, and Ashley is the new owner of a Star Wars Moleskine notebook and a pack of 6 famous mustaches.

We had an Einstein, Dali, Chaplin and Magnum.

After cake came the adventure...geocaching!!!  I have to reach my bucket list goal after all!

Did I mention we went geocaching with our mustaches on?  The cache sites were pretty deserted so we didn't get many odd looks. It was so hot we only went to a few and quickly headed back to the air conditioned home.  Ahhh.

To end the party we watched Mirror Mirror, one of the Snow White movies that has recently been released. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually funny and not just corny.  I was nervous after seeing the preview, but the writers did an excellent job.

So there you have it!  The unbirthday celebration of 2012.

Did you just say it was your unbirthday today!!! No way!!!

Well it just so happens I have some gifts for you.  Remember my drive in movie experience last year? Remember I had hoped to have a giveaway?  Well here it is!!!  Field of Dreams drive in theater has given me 15 Buy One Get One free admissions!! Oh snap!  They have two locations: Liberty Center and Tiffin.  For my fellow Toledoens, its not a bad drive out to Liberty Center and they they have so many activities to do before the movie starts.

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  1. The Polo Club said...:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Geocaching We are on our way out right now to go. Our goal is 1000 caches are we are in the 900's so we are getting close.
    Jona P

  1. sinatraluver said...:

    That. Is. Awesome! 1000 caches is very impressive. I have a long way to go to reach that goal. How long have you been caching?

  1. You're so fun...have I mentioned that before?

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