Jun 22, 2012
Yesterday, I went on a little adventure.  A few friends and I ventured out into the world  and went to IKEA.  Ahhh Ikea.  The magical place with little fake rooms looking so cozy.

*Warning* Do not sit on comfy beds after eating.  An overwhelming nap sensation will come upon you.  

We walked, shopped and discussed arrangements. We came home empty handed.  Sometimes that happens.  After Ikea came geocaching!  Do you know about the geocaching world?  Basically it's like a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates and clues.  It great free entertainment.  

Now on to Operation: AdventureThis summer is the summer of adventures near and far.  Sunday I leave for Washington D.C. with a friend and we are so ready for adventure.  So far our plans will include some obvious monument sight-seeing, one or two of the Smithsonian museums, cupcakes, a twilight tour, kayaking on the Potomac, and maybe even some geocaching.  It will be grand.  I will be good and take lots of pictures to share with you.

Operation: Adventure
Titanic Experience at the Ford museum
Mud Hens game on the 4th of July
Drive-in movie- Giveaway coming soon!!!
A possible trip to Chicago
Running a Kids Camp

Its going to be a busy summer!

Do you have adventures planned?  I want to hear about them! 


  1. You make me feel so...lame.

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