Boy!! Do we have some catching up to do!

Jun 21, 2012
Let's last post was May 5.  Gosh, that's horrible.  What has happened in my life for the last month and a half? A lot and not, all at the same time.  I do have a few great stories for you though....

Story 1 from the time we were apart....

I work as an advisor in the high school of an online school.  We are a pretty raz-ma-taz school if I do say so myself.  Even though everything is online, we have events like a traditional school.  One such event is graduation.  Now, I probably have a poor attitude when it comes to graduation ceremonies, but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Honestly the only part I cringe at is the guest speaker.  This was the 5th graduation I've been to, and I think there was only one speech that I thought was pretty good.  It was some dude from Google and he made me laugh.  That's all I remember.  This graduation guest speaker also made me laugh, but I was definitely laughing at him not with him. 

He had recently retired.  He began by showing us pictures of his newest hobby....birdwatching.  The title of his speech was "There are no junk bird people." He showed a nice picture of some sparrows, a cardinal, a pigeon (and here's where it starts getting weird) crows, and lastly a turkey vulture.  The picture presentation probably lasted a good 10-15 minutes...I was zoning already. He then explained to us that in the bird watching community they refer to some of those birds as "junk" birds, mostly because they are so common and not very pretty.  They still serve a purpose and are unique.  He told us about the turkey vulture and that because it eats dead animals they have no feathers on their heads to avoid getting bacteria.  Ok interesting, but is this necessary at graduation? Hmm.  Oh but he didn't stop there.  They also urinate on their legs to keep themselves cool or something like that.  I was zoning out and only caught something about urinating.  WEIRD!!! I can only imagine what was going through the principal's mind at that point.  And then I laughed on the inside, because I'm pretty sure I would have gotten in trouble laughing out loud with that one.

The rest of the speech was pretty boring and I'll spare you from the torture.  He did kind of make a point with all the bird stuff, but it was pretty bad.  On a side note, I made the teachers and advisors sitting next to me to guess what time the ceremony would be done.  I was off by 3 minutes.  We also made many comments about the crazy high heels we saw, rated the families according to how well they cheered for their graduate and counted how many times the students caught their sleeve on the stair rails.  I try my best to keep things interesting.  :)

Sooooo today I'm going on an adventure, and I'll be sure to let you all know about it tomorrow.  I also have an even bigger adventure coming up next week that I can't wait to talk to you about.


  1. Reading this makes me wish I were at graduation with you {sort of...okay, not really}. Have fun on your adventure today!

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